I’ve met many people who feel lost and empty.  Sometimes their despair is triggered by a change in circumstances; women who identified themselves as ‘mum’ suddenly discover their children have become more independent; employees who find themselves redundant; people in relationships who find themselves on the receiving end of a breakup. Sometimes a sense of emptiness creeps in even as we go about our daily routine and we start to question our purpose on Earth.

In my transformative experience several years ago, I went through an intense period of self-questioning and exploration. It was during this process that it occurred to me our purpose in life is to discover ourselves. Each and every challenge we encounter in life is designed to be a doorway into our soul, so long as you are willing to do the work that comes with it. Because self-discovery is often not pretty and not pleasant. It is painful for the ego. It requires confronting your fears, facing your limiting beliefs and being prepared to be completely humbled. The journey is worth it though, as at the core of your being you will discover that you are love.

What the attitude of self-discovery does to your psyche.

When you understand the Universe is providing you with opportunities to discover yourself, it changes your perception of negative events.

  • You stop asking “why me?” and start seeking wisdom.
  • You stop dreading change and start looking forward to the future.
  • You become open and humble, instead of closed and critical.
  • You stop expecting happiness to come when you’ve achieved a goal and find excitement in the journey itself.
  • You discover you are stronger than you knew.
  • You become more loving and compassionate towards others.

What happens when you tell your kids self-discovery is their purpose.

I tell my children their purpose is to discover themselves as it helps build their resilience. They now embrace change. I no longer hear words like, “it’s not fair” as they have stopped comparing themselves with each other. They look inwards when life becomes challenging and take personal responsibility for their reactions to the outside world.

There are no negatives when adopting a self-discovery mindset. Only positives will arise as you cease to feel lost and start to accept that each event, every experience of loss, every feeling of emptiness is a calling from the Universe to look within and discover your true self.

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