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Who I am

Hi and welcome. My name is Ellen and I’m a coach, speaker and writer. My passion is enhancing emotional intelligence in parents so together we can raise a new generation of emotionally healthy kids.

Born and raised in Brisbane I’d always been a keen observer of people and human behaviour; as a kid I spent way too much time listening in on our neighbours’ arguments through the window! So when I finished high school, studying Psychology at uni was a natural progression. After finishing my degree I took a detour from my original path into the excitement of the property market then met a man, married and began raising a family of three beautiful girls.

I was living a fairly normal life and I had considered myself to be happy, until one day my world turned upside down and I suddenly found myself single again at the age of 40. This was a huge shock; my life had pretty much progressed according to plan up until this point, and becoming a divorcee was something I had never anticipated.

In the process of healing I experienced an emotional transformation. For the first time I became truly connected to myself and to humanity and, in so doing, I developed a powerful ability to understand the language of human emotion. 

With this heightened consciousness I changed my life for the better, forever. With this insight I have:

  • launched the EQ Advantage, to support parents in their quest for parenting success
  • created REAL FEELS: a fun emotional intelligence tool for kids and parents
  • reset my boundaries, resulting in healthy relationships with my family and friends
  • found an amazing, supportive partner, and
  • overhauled my own parenting style and formed happier, more loving relationships with my children.

I’m excited to be a part of this new era in EQ awareness and look forward to helping you discover your parenting passion and reach parenting success. Together, we can raise a new generation of happier, healthier, smarter kids.

Connect with me

Whether you have feedback, comments or want to share your story, I would love to hear from you.

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