I have a confession. While I was in my marriage I secretly judged women who were single or divorced. I pitied them, thought they just couldn’t get it together and assumed they were unhappy.  But when my own marriage collapsed I found myself on the receiving end of that same kind of pity.

It was grating because it was completely at odds with how I felt. I felt fantastic on my own, I felt free, I felt like I could finally be a master of my own destiny… but I didn’t realise I would feel so awesome on my own until I WAS on my own.

I had to reflect on my judgement and ask myself why. Why had I felt sorry for women who were single?

The harsh truth was that my fear of being alone and my lack of experience in being single made me assume single people were sad and lonely.

Fear is an incredibly powerful emotion and a very effective blinding agent. It blinds you from realities you don’t want to see and keeps you trapped and compromised in relationships that drag you away from who you really are. I know in many relationships the stakes are high and there is a lot to lose. But for the women who have had to walk (or run) away from destructive or disempowered relationships, being single and the thrill of re-discovering who you really are is a priceless gift.

Now I admire my single friends. They are some of the strongest, most amazing women I know. They are single because they choose awesome alone over compromised together. And as they do not fear being alone, when a potential partner crosses their path they see him for who he really is, not for who they want him to be.

If you know you should love your own company but secretly think if you found the right relationship you’d be happier, then my 100% Happy Masterclass is for you.  Discover how to become happily, powerfully, fearlessly single now. 

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