We all hit rough patches at times: it’s life. Some people manage to pick themselves up and get back on track fast, while others just can’t seem to get through it, and so suffer for a long time.

When you’re down and struggling to get back up, you need your team around you. You know those people: they’re there to celebrate with you in the good times and to lift you up and love you through the bad times.

These are essential people in your life. But sometimes, they’re not around. Maybe they’re far away from you in another country, maybe you’ve lost touch, or maybe they are dealing with their own struggles and don’t have the spare emotional capacity to be your safety net when you need them.

This is why it’s critical to know how to love yourself. Recognising when you need love and knowing what to do about it is smart.

Unfortunately, it’s also not something we are taught.  So showing my own girls how to love themselves became a fundamental part of my parenting. It makes them more self-aware, empowers them to take action for themselves and will hopefully make them less likely to seek love in the wrong places as they get older.

You can do it too.  By teaching your kids how to love themselves, they will become happier, more confident and better able to tackle the challenges life throws at them.

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It’s a great reminder to everyone in your family that you don’t have to wait for others to lift you up. You can love yourself when you need it.

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