My orchid flowered the other day. It was a miracle and I’ll tell you why.  

I’d received it as a gift many months ago when it was in full bloom and I cared for it until the flowers faded and fell to the ground. In the past I would have thrown the plant out believing the show was over. This time however, I hadn’t got around to throwing it out so I kept it sitting on my console table in the dining room.

The leaves were still green but the flower stem was shrivelled.  I think I watered it about three times in the last six months without any expectation, and sometimes  actually felt a little guilty I hadn’t disposed of it yet.  Then a few days ago I came down the stairs and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There, in this little pot, my orchid was flowering again.

Every time I look at this orchid I smile to myself. It lifts my mood because it’s my reminder that miracles happen.

Now I’m sure horticultural enthusiasts will be able to provide me with a very rational explanation about how orchids can and do flower more than once. Had I known that to be a fact prior to my little orchid’s second flowering, perhaps I would have been expecting it to happen and might have even been disappointed had it not.

Instead my naïveté proved to be a source of joy for me.  And that’s what happens when you believe in miracles: joy, untainted by expectation.

Albert Einstein said it best: “there are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”

When you approach life as though everything is a miracle, then everything is a source of joy. When you approach life as though there is a rational explanation to everything it can’t help but to reduce joy, increase expectation and, risk of disappointment.

So have the courage to let go of rational explanations: keep your eyes open to discovery, your mind open to “it’s possible” and your heart open to awe. Then sit back and experience the joy.  🙂

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