A new era is dawning, a movement is gathering momentum.  The world is beginning to recognise the power in women. It is a force that has the ability to heal the world, bring justice and end poverty.

The age of secrets, of “it’s just locker-room banter”, of violence behind closed doors, and of abuse of status is coming to an end. The age of accountability, of self-respect, of integrity and of love is dawning and it must come from women, for women and for all of humanity.

For it is the unconditional love a woman has for her child that needs to be spread and shared amongst us all.  It is only unconditional love that will bring peace and show us we are all beautiful and worthy exactly as we are.

Love is not weak or feminine. It is a powerful force beyond any other.

So today I want us all to stand together to support the women who have not yet found their power. Who are still suppressed by fear, by the threat of pain or by the false impression that they are not worthy.

All the power is within you. We will stand by you and with you until you find your power, and always.


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