I need to celebrate. Two years ago on this very day my life dramatically lurched towards a big change for the better. I didn’t see it as that at first though. At the time it looked like my world had crumbled beneath my feet, and it took months of anxiety and despair to realise I should be saying thank you, rather than stewing in the turmoil of grief and anger.

To commemorate this day I have posted my own story on lightmakers.org. Though I have shared my story many times verbally as part of my healing journey, it is now time to write it down so that others who are experiencing similar pain may take some comfort and hopefully gain a little bit of wisdom to help them on their own journey.

My story is for everyone who is struggling, who is in pain. Whether you have just come out of a destructive relationship, whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, lost financial security or have experienced sudden illness or accident that has affected your health or the health of someone dear to you, I want you to know that, should you choose it, you can find a greater state of wellbeing than before.

Your discomfort can’t be avoided, it’s part of the process. But instead of fighting it, lean in to it. Or better still, take the reins and jump in, because as deep as your lowest low is, it can also be a time of warp-speed growth. It can open your eyes to a new world, open your mind to new wisdom and open your heart to more love than you have ever known before. You just have to consciously choose it and have faith that it will all work out, because it will.


For those of you who are seeking to take affirmative action through your pain, I created a simple ebook to provide a life raft for everyone who knows a greater state of wellbeing exists, and just want to know how to get there.

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