Going through an unexpected loss: death of a loved one; the end of a relationship; illness or any other tragedy that changes the path of your life is traumatic. The grief that follows is beyond painful and recovery is a process that takes time. But how do you know when you’re healed?  Does it mean being happy all the time or not thinking about your loss anymore?

Ask anyone who has lost a loved one or something of great value like their health, and they will attest to the ache that remains with them and becomes part of their being.

However, this ache – instead of being the reason for continued sadness, anger or resentment – becomes the very emotion that makes their world more beautiful.

If you’re not sure whether you have reached a healthy state of wellbeing after your loss, here are seven important ways you can see if you have healed:

  1. You are grateful for what you had or the experience you went through.
  2. You have greater understanding of, and compassion for, the challenges other people face.
  3. You feel stronger and fear less.
  4. Your material possessions are even less important to you now than they ever were.
  5. You are more mindful of the love and appreciation you feel towards your family and friends.
  6. You use your story to help others.
  7. You see the purpose of your experience and how it has helped you discover who you are today.

Emotional healing from a traumatic event is not about forgetting or feeling happy. It’s about feeling the ache and loving more because of it, not in spite of it.

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