Ellen Perkins Life Coach Empowering Women


This is your opportunity to change your life for the better.
You are stronger than you know, more amazing than you realize.
It’s time you allowed yourself to be awesome.

Are you feeling traumatised from a recent break up? Have you been single for a while but feel unhappy and unfulfilled?

Many of us struggle with the thought of being alone yet being completely at peace in your own company is the key to living an empowered life and is a vital prerequisite to building healthy relationships.

My compassionate approach combined with practical tools and strategies will help you discover a new way of being; one that contains more love, more freedom and more happiness than you have ever experienced before.

The end result will have you looking to the future with
new confidence, strength and enthusiasm.

I go above and beyond with my private clients and engage with individuals who are best suited to my coaching style and techniques. To ensure you feel comfortable in embarking on this collaborative journey, I offer a free 20 minute get-to-know-you consultation.

My coaching programs are designed to take you to your most empowered state of being. I’m committed to every client and as such I only take on a maximum of four clients per month so spaces are limited. If you are uncertain which coaching package suits you best please contact me, I would love to help you.

Ellen Perkins Coaching Women through hardships

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